Give Someone a New Prosthetic Hand for Only $25!

Give someone a hand (literally!) for only $25!

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Here’s how it works:

  1. You purchase one or more $25 donation kits from 3D Universe.
  2. An e-NABLE volunteer 3D prints the parts for a recipient on our waiting list. The cost of 3D printing materials is absorbed by the e-NABLE volunteer and sometimes supported by 3rd party sponsors.
  3. 3D Universe sends a materials kit to the e-NABLE volunteer or the recipient’s family, depending on who is doing the final assembly.
  4. A lucky individual receives a brand new 3D printed prosthetic hand – completely free of charge, thanks to your $25 donation!


There are lots of people in the world who could use a prosthetic limb but can’t afford one. 3D printing is changing that, as the e-NABLE volunteer organization has demonstrated.

3D Universe wants to make as many free prosthetic limbs for people as we possibly can! Right now, we’re making about one per week. With your help, we can do a lot more than that!

For each one of these reduced-cost kits purchased (for $25 each), 3D Universe will send a materials kit along with all of the 3D printed parts needed to make a prosthetic hand, free of charge, to anyone who needs one!

Sometimes, we’ll produce and assemble the device ourselves, then send it to someone for free. Other times, we’ll send a free materials kit to another e-NABLE volunteer who will produce and assemble the device. And sometimes, the recipient (or the parents) will want to do the assembly themselves, in which case we’ll send the 3D printed parts and assembly materials, then help them through the assembly process. Either way, for your $25 gift, someone will receive a brand new prosthetic limb!

There are no strings attached here, folks! e-NABLE is a group of over 1000 volunteers who donate their time and materials to make 3D printed prosthetic limbs free of charge for anyone who needs them.

Jeremy Simon talks to FOX News about the cost difference between an e-NABLE hand and a $42,000 prosthetic

Want to make a hand for someone yourself? Please consider joining the e-NABLE community. It is a unique and wonderful group to be a part of. Get involved! It’s wonderfully rewarding, and anyone can participate!

3 thoughts on “Give Someone a New Prosthetic Hand for Only $25!”

  1. How can I receive one of these hands? I am a 24 year old male, who does have a right hand. I’ve always walked in public with my deformity hidden in my pocket. I believe this would give me the self confidence to be okay with how I am.

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